Storing and agreeing datasets of financial obligations and ownership forms the basic core of capital markets operations. The current methods are highly complex, utilise fragmented IT and data architectures and suffer from a lack of common standards. This creates the continual need to reconcile data with massive systems and process duplication, leading to high costs and protracted time to execute tasks.

  • Transparency and verification of holdings
  • Reduced Credit Exposures
  • Mutualization of static data
  • Simpler KYC/KYCC via look through to holding
  • Secure, real-time transaction matching, and immidiate irrevocable settlement
  • Automatic DVP on a cash ledger
  • Automatic reporting & more transparent supervision for market authorities
  • Higher AML2 standards
  • No central clearing for realtime cash transactions
  • Reduced margin/colateral requirements
  • Faster novation and efficient post-trade processing
  • Fungible use of assets on blockchains as collateral
  • Auto executions of smart contracts
  • Primary issuance directly onto a blockchain
  • Automation and de-duplication of servicing process
  • Richer central dataset with flat accounting hierarchies
  • Common referance data
  • Fund Subsciptions/ redemptions processed automatically on the blockchain
  • Simplification of fund, servicings, accouting, aloocations and administration

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