Enterprise grade Blockchain based Supply chain solution.

Genuinety enforces the transparency, security, authenticity, and auditability necessary to make tracing the chain of custody and product attributes.

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Genuinety is built to create a relationship with the material world which is broken and fill the widening trust gap in the society.


Our system is fully secure and only authenticated parties can have access to partial or completed data.


An auditable record that can be inspected and used by companies, standards organizations, regulators, and customers alike.

Complete Anonymity

Designed to have anonymity and protection of sensitive business data with the competitors still having the advantage of main chain.


A solution to drastically reduce costs by eliminating the need for “handling companies” to be audited.

User centric design

Our thoughtful user interface with RFID and other tech brings the power of Blockchain to average consumer in an intrusive way.


Open decentralised enterprise grade Blockchain infrastructure which will enable innovation.

Public-Private Key Infrastructure

Genuinety allows to mimic a physical signature by way of provably registering our identity with a digital document.