Enterprise Application

Blockchain protocol layer for authentication and verification of Goods, from origin to the end point. Genuinety offers integrable layer of trust into the existing ERP and control mechanism system.

Establishing an industry standard framework for Supply Chain and Logistics market to build distributed applications over transparent and business friendly Genuinety protocol for optimising operations by enabling real-time tracking and tracing of goods and services.

Transparency & Auditability

Solution for Product counterfeiting

Product Traceability maintaining Business Privacy

Use Cases & Implementations


Combating drug-counterfeiting can eliminate cost variance and off-contract spending. Genuinety can optimize multi-period, multi-objective medicine supply chain for an Integrated Healthcare System.

Precious Metals

Contract- based responsible sourcing of minerals in conflict-sensitive geographies and supplier’s risk awareness from the point of extraction until end user can be optimised for its authenticity and auditability over Genuinety.

Electronic Goods

The Electronic industry led by consumer demands for cost-friendly products results in reduced margins and timely response to demand for industry competitiveness. Genuinety can optimise the scope of supply chain management.

Luxury Goods

Increasing uncertainty in demand meeting the production capacity calls for an optimised communication channel based on near-accurate consumption data. Existing ERP systems can be optimised using Genuinety.