Auxledger Landscape

Technology adoption sparks with its rich community, their engagement, commitment and hardwork. Auxledger technology is now in the mainstream enterprise and we are grateful to our partners to make this possible.

Together, we bring the fourth industrial revolution

Enterprise Growth Partners

Auxledger’s enterprise growth partners encompasses industry-leading corporations, including software and hardware companies, telecommunication giants, few of the largest insurance companies, state governments and central governing bodies to enrich the development and expansion of Auxledger.
Our growth partners play a crucial role in bringing Auxledger to the forefront of upcoming next generation technologies. Decreasing the adoption barriers, our growth partners present innovative solutions making it easier for masses to build on Auxledger.

Lets work together to bring Blockchain in mainstream adoption.

Platform Partners

We acknowledge that a platform’s prominence is proportional to its prospering ecosystem of partners including developers, support contributors, application builders, system integrators, technology software vendors, among others.
We accord our platform partners with the necessary support and liberty to develop and deploy innovative interoperable d-applications and services on the Auxledger technology, harnessing the future of decentralization, transforming industry landscapes.

  • Intensive infrastructure training provided to developers either in person or virtually
  • Phase-wise involvement in working groups on the avenue of production.
  • Dedicated support & access to fellow partners incubating Go-Live Blockchain programs.
  • Complete access to the research papers, blockchain whitepapers & project proceedings.

If you are a solutions developer, join our platform partner program.

Learn Auxledger Technology

Technology profoundness in developing blockchain enabled solutions is essential in realising the vision of ‘decentralized’ ecosystem. In alliance with Blockchain Lab, India, we are promoting comprehensive courses on Auxledger-centric Blockchain Technology, thereby incubating the next generation of developers to become a part of the uprising ecosystem

Auxledger in Academia With