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Auxledger technology enables you to build a high performance, interoperable and custom Blockchain network in par with your business standards and compliance requirements. While you focus on building the next revolutionary DApp, we are committed for your peace of mind. No look further for a support while leveraging a disruptive technology. There is a reliable community consist of Fortune 500 companies, platform partners and academic institutes, ready to back you up in the important transformation of your organisation.

Auxledger Draco Client is now available for download

Start Building with Auxledger

Get started on building your first D-App leveraging the powerful Auxledger Technology. Our documentation rich Auxledger wiki page will guide you step by step from launching your first network to writing your first smart contract. You can also utilise Auxledger to deploy your DApp on our free testnet.

As an organisation looking to utilise Auxledger, you can build with your internal tech team or contact us to get in touch with one of our platform partner who will help in building your DApp and launching your powerful network.

Learn all about Auxledger

Auxledger is enabled with a rich and well documented material to help you learn all about Auxledger from the comfort of your home and office. Our documentation is designed in a way to understand all about Auxledger, whether you are looking from a developer perspective or a business owner angle.

If you are looking for help we have collaborated with some of the finest and world leading universities to introduce and teach Auxledger technology. We also organise regular conferences and seminars for both a Developer as well as a Business Expert to help them unlock best of Auxledger Technology.

Training and Certification

We keep organising a range of online and offline certification courses for our community members as well as Blockchain enthusiasts to leverage the best of Auxledger technology. The courses are curated for developers and business experts to help them focus and enhance on their core skill.

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You are at the right place! We understand it can be difficult sometime when you are sparking up with a new disruptive technology. Here, you are all covered by our support center, community forum and enterprise tech support team to get you ahead and rolling in no time.

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