We Are Auxesis

Auxesis, established in 2014, is developer of Auxledger Technology, a step-up form, inspired with the capabilities of Blockchain while focusing towards Enterprise usability and mainstream adoption.

With the remarkable technology in place, Auxesis is enabling a coherent ecosystem of technology adopters, platform partners and skilled developers working together to bring the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide this world a better decentralised system eliminating the current issues of opaqueness, corruption and
economy unevenness.

Being pioneers of Blockchain enabled solutions in India, we unceasingly aim to provide best-of-breed business solutions leveraging the Blockchain technology. As an innovation oriented company made with striving excellence in relationship with our partners, clients and employees, we envision to emerge as a global leader in bridging the gap between business difficulties and Blockchain's ability to solve them.

An ‘Auxetic’ Story

Auxesis, established in 2014, initiated with an aim of research and development in the blockchain domain and soon emerged as an Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions provider with the help of partner organizations.
With a global footprint, Auxesis ranks 12th in the list of ‘Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies’.

In Focus

Over the years Auxesis has pushed Blockchain innovation across the globe with its focus on continuous research and building in production applications for enterprises. From Cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and payment gateways leading to push into the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and so proving the reliability of a Blockchain network in terms of security and usability.

Auxesis today, is emphasising on building and deploying Private Blockchain solutions with its enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure focussing on product readiness in terms of security, performance and scalability. Blockchain-powered D-Apps on a network tailored to meet specific needs of an organisation.


Kumar Gaurav

Founder & Chairman

Among top 100 Global Blockchain Influencer and Top 50 Innovators of the World. A recipient of extraordinary residential status (O1 VISA) by US Government. Also founder of Cashaa and Darwinsurance (Acquired by Esedra). Engineering management from Politecnico Di Milano.

Akash Gaurav

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With over 4 years of experience in Blockchain Technology, chief architect of Auxledger technology and founder of Blockchain Lab, India. A mentor to the Entrepreneurship Club of MISB Bocconi. A popular speaker from Tedx, Webit and international forums. Previously founded MyCarGenie and SpotUrLook. An alumnus of IIT Bombay.