Blockchain Certificate Management System with Most Intuitive User Experience.

Trust-free Platform ensuring full ownership

With our sophisticated blockchain architecture, at all points university has the full access and control of their certificates. The system ensures that even Certify as a platform don’t have access to issue/store/manipulate any certificate. Certify ensures the ownership always and ONLY lie with relevant stakeholder.

Secure, Anti-theft & Highly Available

All the Blockchain data resides in public domain while being cryptographically secured. The very nature of data storage ensures the information can not be counterfeited and owner can never lose their data, impossible for hackers to steal their data and have a 100% uptime with our globally distributed nodes of Blockchain network.

Seamless & Easy to manage User Experience

We have dedicated our energy towards facilitating an easy to use interface for all stakeholders. University & Colleges can easily issue/manage their certificates at very low cost. Students has easy access to request their digital certificates safely while verifiers can ensure authenticity of a certificate with 1 click.

Issuer Simple, yet the most secure and cost-efficient way to issue an academic degree while ensuring the certificates can never be forged.
Student Provide students an easy and efficient way to manage, store, sign and get their certificates verified by employers in seconds.
Verifier Verify certificates with convenience, and in seconds, without any knowledge of Blockchain or sending physically through the issuer.
While Controls no part of the data & works only as a service.


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